Barcelona hotels Rooftop pools

Stay in the Passeig de Gracia at Casa Fuster, located in Barcelona, Spain. This is more than a hotel it is a reminder of the noble heritage of the city. Sit by the rooftop pool and capture a breathtaking view of Barcelona. Look at the city in wonder, while you hold a pleasant drink served by nearby serving staff. The hotel itself is tastefully decorated, ambiance flows onto the rooftop expanse that holds the pool. Comfortable chairs allow guest to sun and relax while Barcelona surrounds them. The Barcelona Hotels Rooftop Pools of this hotel places a visitor in the heart of the most intriguing collection of architectures in Spain. Between May and August it is possible to save 64% on the price of this beautiful hotel, great time to stay and tour Barcelona, Spain.

The Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona designed in a neoclassical architecture, while the rooftop pool is offers pampered relaxation. Pools are swimming but swimming in a ray of excitement has never been a bad thing. The hotel caters to a large group of customers possessing 500 rooms to accommodate the needs of guest. With a Spa to help with the pampering of guest, the pool has a bar open throughout the day to carry excellent service further; offering guest a chance to swim and take in the splendour of Barcelona.

The B-Hotel Gran Via, L’ Eixample, 08015 Barcelona has a rooftop pool that gives you a city view and the open view of Barcelona’s hillsides. The hotel is a great way to stay in Barcelona if you are working with a budget. The hotel bar is open and the hotel has a jet set feel and the rooms are nice. The amenities are good and less costly, with a good rooftop pool view.

The Hotel Zero Placa de Llvant, s/n, Sant Marti, 08019 Barcelona is a very lovely hotel with a rooftop pool. The view is lovely but a bit more enclosed granting privacy for guest and courteous service from the staff. The hotel is equipped with a fitness center, spa, and comfortable rooms, and, is reasonably priced. This Barcelona hotel is close to the beach with Wi-Fi service and transportation located just outside the hotel. This is a mid priced hotel most can afford and a good hotel stop for a visit to Barcelona, Spain.

The Pullman Barcelona Skipper Avenida Litoral, 10, 08005 Barcelona, Spain uniquely located along the coast with a beautiful spacious rooftop pool area. The rooms are lacking no amenity and it has a view to match. Travel is something done by some in the most luxurious fashion, by others on a shoe string budget. Some are willing to camp out on a hillside, simply to experience the view. Whatever the cost of the hotel, any Barcelona hotels rooftop pools view that opens the opportunity to absorb the vast history of a city in one deep sigh, is worth the look.

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  1. Serapion says:

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  2. Magdalena says:

    Holiday companies and hotles make a fortune out of people paying in advance.Spain is in serious financial difficulties. The Euro is likely to fall against the Dollar and the UK Pound.I would book my hotel through an agency. They can usually get you a better deal than you.Remember only fools and people with expense accounts pay rack rate.Have a look at more expensive business hotles. They are usually empty at Christmas and there are good deals to be found. I would wait. Check price weekly and see how the trend is going. I am sure that you will not end up having to pay more.Good luck!References : Live in Spain. Know a bit about hotel s and their pricing. Was this answer helpful?

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