Hotel Arts Barcelona is where the true comfort rules.

This is one of the best hotels in Barcelona. You will believe in this statement the moment you see the facade of the main building that attracts attention from the very first sight. The building was constructed in 1994, so it’s rather new and has the impressive and tremendous look. Hotel Arts is known as the central Barcelona hotel, so you will easily get to your destination from here, mostly by foot, as a lot of sights and business amenities are just within easy reach.

Hotel Arts Barcelona Apartment

The breathtaking view is provided from most of the windows, overlooking the beach and the port. The other side of the hotel faces the city panorama and the short glimpse of the mountains.

The closest sights to this luxury Barcelona hotel is the city zoo with the sea-block as well as numerous restaurants and cafes, so feel free not to stick to the main restaurant of the hotel you live in.

Hotel Arts Barcelona is well known by the hotel critics who give it the positive review. It received numerous prestigious premiums for successful organizing of the complicated massive corporative parties.

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